After a few frequent DM’s and inquiries about my go-to makeup routine, I’m finally sharing an updated post of my favorite everyday makeup products. I’ll be honest, there’s nothing too exciting here! And there’s actually a few repeat products from this post last year, but what can I say… I’m a creature of habit!

You guys know I’m a beauty product lover — I recently spilled the tea of some skincare I’ve been loving, as well as cult favorites in this post — so I’m always grabbing random products and adding them into my cart just to try! However, there are some products that I just can’t seem to let go of, and I’m sharing what I’ve been loving below.

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This is a new-to-me tinted SPF that I’ve been testing for the past few days and I think I love it. I’ve used Epionce’s facial cleanser and moisturizer for years, so I wanted to see what their tinted SPF was all about.

I think concealer is probably what I love testing out the most; I’m embarrassed to admit the amount of concealers in my makeup drawer that I’ve used once or twice, and didn’t like. However, this e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer for the under-eye is by far my favorite and is a total of $4. It can be hard to find, so stock up when you see it! I’ve also found it at TJ Maxx before… score.

For pesky blemishes, I swear by this concealer from Nars. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is getting through this bad boy! I like to apply it with a small brush, and blend it in with my fingers. I wouldn’t use it as an under-eye concealer, personally, because it’s a bit thick.

This loose powder by Laura Mercier is a cult favorite, and I can’t argue with the masses! I apply it under my eyes and on top of any blemishes I previously covered with concealer. I usually don’t put it all over my face, and I think this aids in a glowy, dewy complexion.


Bronzer is another product I love to test, but it can be hard finding a more muted bronzer for my fair-er skin. I’m always aiming for a sun-kissed glow, without looking like I smeared clay on my face. This is technically a highlight powder, but I apply it on my outer edges of my face like it’s a bronzer. It has the perfect amount of bronze without being overboard! Another super affordable find.

I don’t always blush it up, but when I do, I’ve been really into Rare Beauty’s matte liquid blush. A little goes a long way, so I apply the smallest dollop and blend it with a buffing brush.


I’m very frugal with my eye makeup because I’m not confident enough in my application abilities to go crazy. This palette has been my trusty steed for years now, and it has never let me down. I use strip poker for my crease, heaven for under my brow, and sexpresso as eyeliner.

Mascara isn’t a force to be reckoned with, so when you find a good one… stick with it! I’ve raved about Milani’s mascara for awhile now and I still love it. I always prefer my mascara to be a little tacky, so I never love a fresh tube. It might take a few wears before it gets to a tacky consistency, but give it time, and I promise you’ll love it!


For everyday lips, I will honestly just throw on Aquaphor and head out the door. If I’m feeling a little sassy, I recently discovered this tinted balm and think it adds a nice pop of natural color. For photos or if I’m really feelin’ myself, I’ll throw on a this plumping lipstick (not pictured above).

That’s essentially all, friends! I’ve always loved a more natural look for my face, and truth be told, I don’t always stick to just the products I mentioned above. Some days I branch out and try rediscovered products from my drawers, or will purchase something new. But, everything I listed above has never let me down, and would be my go-to on days I don’t feel like playing around with makeup.

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Thanks for reading — Xx, E

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