Anyone else a huge fan of, just, products? Even if I have perfectly good beauty products already, I can never seem to get enough! I’m always eager to try Allure Favorites, best sellers, and friend recommendations. Today, I’m sharing a handful of my recent beauty purchases, and crowd favorites that I’m eager to try.

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Cleansing balms have recently made their way into the skincare industry, and I can’t get enough of this cult-favorite by Elemis. It literally melts away makeup, and honestly feels like an at-home facial experience. I like to let it soak on my face while taking a bath, or use my gua sha tool and give myself a face massage. They also have a unscented version!

This $10 cleanser has thousands of reviews, and I’ve been loving this exfoliating gel by the same brand. You can literally feel the dead skin roll off your face, and it’s both disturbing and satisfying.

Everyone needs zit patches in their bathroom drawer, and I’ve heard such great things about this clarifying mask! A reviewer deemed this serum as “a multivitamin for your face” and if that doesn’t sell the product, I don’t know what will.

This watermelon toner sounds so refreshing, and one of my girlfriends has raved about this charcoal scalp scrub. I’ve still been loving this plumping lipstick (it leaves a small tingle, nothing hardcore), and this concealer is on Sephora’s best sellers list.

Have you tried anything shown above? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Or, if you have any other can’t-live-without beauty favorites, you know I want to know about them! Thanks for reading — Xx, E

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