– This mini woven bag from Amazon, under $50! I’m debating getting the black, too. –

– Replacing my previous orchid of 3 years, for this brand new beauty. –

– This adorable cardigan from Zara. – (more of my recent Zara finds here)

– I can’t get enough of the cap-toe trend for spring! – (shop here)

– Finally reorganizing my closet to accommodate hanging my jeans. I love how it turned out! – (hangers)

Happy Friday, ladies! I hope you’ve had a great week. It’s been wet and cold here, but I’ll take a little rain over snow any day. Although we’re technically into spring already, I swear true spring weather doesn’t start until May in Boise. So while I’m so ready to bring out the dresses and shorts, it’s just not going to happen for awhile. Sad.

When we do get bearable weather, we’ve been loving taking Nana out on walks. Her personality is developing more and more each day and it’s so fun to watch. You can read more about her here!

Is it crazy of me to think about doing another half marathon? Maybe it’s just the fact that this time last year, I was training for my half marathon in NY and I’m feeling nostalgic. Or maybe I miss pouring my heart and soul into training for something, and getting to accomplish it. As if training for a race gives me some sort of purpose in life. Is that silly to think? But then I think about all the times I’ve written here in the past about how much I’m SO OVER running, and I can’t decide if I want to put myself through that again. Haha!

I’m on season 8 of Seinfeld and have loved every minute of the show so far. I still need to start the new season of Love is Blind. Have you watched it yet? I can’t wait! I’m also waiting for the new seasons of Bridgerton, And Just Like That, and Emily in Paris. Anyone have the tea on when they’ll be out?! Do tell.

A little blog homepage update! If you scroll 3/4 of the way down on my homepage, I’ve always had snapshots of shoppable content; whether that be my daily outfits, my favorite beauty finds, or my current home décor. Think of these as mini blog posts! Those snapshots are still there, but I’ve also added a direct page link to ALL of my snapshots at the top menu of my site – under “Ellen’s Picks” – making it easier for you to find/shop. I add new snapshots weekly, so be sure to check it out often!

That’s all for now. I hope you guys have a great weekend! Thanks for reading —

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