Okay, I’m doing something a little different for today’s wish list. I don’t typically have any luck in-store at Zara, but their current online selection is too good to pass up. So, I thought I’d round up what’s currently in my cart on Zara.com!

Sadly, there’s a catch. I’m unfortunately unable to link anything from Zara (an unsupported retailer with LTK), so I’ve listed the exact product numbers under each item so you can easily type the number into the search bar on Zara.com and find each item that way. Keep scrolling to read about what I’m loving!

If you’ve ever been inside a Zara store, they can often feel cluttered and, well, a disaster. But for some reason, they really shine through with their online presence and package delivery. Each order comes nicely wrapped in tissue paper and a quality box. So even though they’re really affordable, each delivery feels a little luxurious!

I saw this denim top (6186/040) on an influencer, and had to dig for it myself, but am so glad I did! The back is completely open with a tie to secure the fit; I can’t wait to wear it once the temps warm up.

I’ve never tried a pair of Zara’s jeans, but this pair (4365/040) looks really flattering on the model and for $45?! I had to try them myself. I did size up, because they’re made of 100% cotton.

This cotton striped sweater is such a classic (5802/029), and I’m so excited to receive this sweater (5802/033) in the mail! I mean, how cute are those jeweled buttons? Chic!

Do you ladies ever shop at Zara? I’ve been scoring a lot there lately, but never really share because, like I said, I can’t link the products. However, if you’re fine browsing without links, I’d be happy to share more of my Zara finds with you all! Let me know in the comments. Much love —

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