Okay, don’t judge me. I had every intention to get this post up within a few weeks of our recent trip to New York in May, but better late than never! Truth be told, I’ve never been great at taking photos while on vacation so I don’t have nearly as many pictures to share as I wish I did. But, I wanted to share what I DO have and list a few of our favorite places/restaurants we visited while we were there.

Southampton, NY

Where We Ate:

  • La Parmigiana | We came here the evening after my race to refuel with carbs. We grabbed a cocktail at a different restaurant while we waited for our reservation time here, and after all was said and done, we wished we would’ve stayed at the previous restaurant for our dinner. I’ll share that place next.
  • Dopo Argento | We stumbled upon this place before our dinner reservation at the above listed place. It was quaint and cozy. The bartender was skilled and knowledgable and even chatted with us for a bit. Again, we wish we would’ve stayed here for dinner.
  • 75 Main | We had lunch here and while everything was fine, it wasn’t spectacular. It was also insanely priced for what we got; we even shared a dish! We also didn’t love the wait staff, as they felt very pushy and were always hovering.
  • Cowfish | After our long travel day, this was the first stop we made as soon as we pulled into Southampton. It was dark so we couldn’t see the water/view or much of the restaurant’s surroundings, but we enjoyed our food! The skillet corn bread could have been my meal, and I loved the fish sandwich.
  • Edgewater Restaurant | We ate here the night before my race so I didn’t get to indulge as much as I would’ve liked. The environment was nice, but I didn’t love my meal. Justin loved his, however.
  • Golden Pear Cafe | Probably my favorite coffee shop… well, ever. While the ordering process can be a bit hectic, the coffee and pastries are phenomenal. The owner even greeted us himself and chatted for a bit. He has a few of the same cafe’s all over Long Island. The apple streusel muffin is out of this world!
  • Hampton Coffee Company | We stopped here for an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s a chain in The Hamptons and wasn’t to die for. The pastries looked subpar, but that could’ve been because of the time of day we were there.

Where We Stayed:

  • The Hampton Maid | Justin is the travel guide in this family, so he takes initiative when it comes to where we stay/how we get there. However, he does show me some options beforehand! We ended up staying at The Hampton Maid which is a little ma and pa hotel. We liked that you enter each room from the outside (kind of like a motel) and each place had designated parking. The rooms are old, but quirky and unique. We aren’t sure if we’d stay here again, but it was more than fine for our time there!

Manhattan, NY

Where We Ate:

  • Gallaghers Steakhouse | This steakhouse was recommended by a friend and we really enjoyed it. The sides are a la carte so we shared a few things. The environment was moody yet classy and the food was great. The tables are pretty close together, though, so keep that in mind.
  • Ruby’s | We ate here for a quick lunch while shopping in Soho, and really enjoyed it. Again, the tables are close together but the outdoor patio atmosphere was really nice. We split a burger and quenched our thirst with peach iced tea. Yum!
  • The Tailor Public House | A 2-story pub, we came here before the Rangers hockey game. It was wild with fans, but the atmosphere was fun.
  • Trattoria Bianca | We came here for drinks one evening, and were less than impressed.
  • Tompkins Square Bagels | We couldn’t visit NYC without trying a bagel shop. We loved this place — it kind of reminded me of a Pie Hole pizza but for bagels. Lots of choices for both bagels and cream cheese!
  • Van Leeuwen Ice Cream | Located in the heart of Rockefeller Center, we enjoyed this ice cream place a few times. A great mix of regular and vegan flavors.
  • Magnolia Bakery | We had to try the famous Magnolia Bakery featured in Sex and the City. I got the banana cream pudding and Justin got a red velvet cupcake.
  • Rosa’s Pizza | If you’re looking for a quick slice of pizza, look no further! We stopped by here our first night in the city and thought it was really tasty!
  • The Butcher’s Daughter | A very unique breakfast joint we visited on our last day. They don’t have any real meat… it all seemed to be vegetarian or vegan. A cute spot, but probably wouldn’t go back!
  • Juice Generation | On our last day I wasn’t feeling too hot, so we stopped here for a juice shot and smoothie.
  • Bleeker Street Pizza | A place we visited when we were in NYC in 2019, Justin wanted to come back. Another quick, grab-and-go pizza place. However, this place is pretty famous!
  • Serafina | After museum hopping, we stopped here for lunch one day. While there’s a few NYC locations, we ate at the one on Madison Ave. We got a beautiful window seat with a view from the second story.
  • Pasta Lovers | This place felt like a slightly fancier Macaroni Grill. I also wasn’t feel 100% when we ate here so that could also be why I didn’t love it.
  • Coffee Shops:

Where We Stayed:

  • Kixby | In Midtown, we stayed at the Kixby which is another boutique hotel in NYC. It was modern and clean, but we didn’t love it for it’s location. We’re not avid New Yorkers so we didn’t realize we don’t like Midtown until we actually stayed in the middle of it. A few other hotel annoyances: the rooftop bar was closed out entire stay which is a bummer because of the great views. Our AC unit in our room was tremendously loud so it was hard to fall/stay asleep. They offer water with some breakfast treats in the AM, but there’s nowhere to refill your water bottle once breakfast is over.

I’ll try and be better about sharing more of our travels, I promise! Thanks for reading —

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