– Easter lunch at my parents –

– Even adults need Easter baskets from their parents! –

– The European car Justin insisted we drive to Easter Sunday service –

– $40 straight leg denim I’ve been loving –

– Taking baths while it’s still light outside –

How was everyone’s Easter weekend? We were blessed with seriously beautiful weather that it was hard to complain about anything else. As shown above, Justin insisted with take that little red European car to Easter Sunday service and while I thought it was silly at first, it ended up being fun for such a nice day out. I do feel the need to mention that there are no windows and no seatbelts, so I felt very exposed and incredibly unsafe, but we made it out alive?!

Even as adults, my mom still puts on Easter egg hunts for us “kids” each year, but with a fun twist! Rather than just running amuck finding eggs around the property, she plans a strategic scavenger hunt for reach of us that leads us to our Easter baskets. I look forward to it each year. Does your family have any Easter traditions? Do tell!

On a not-so-fun note, I’ve been really over running. I shared on IG yesterday that I may quit completely after my race in May, but we’ll see. It’s just so exhausting (mentally and physically), and takes so much time. Perhaps I’m in a rut, and things will get better, but for now… I’m just counting down the days until my race is over! Don’t forget you can always read more about my running journey in this post.

It’s Master’s weekend as of yesterday, so that means I have 0% of Justin’s attention until Monday. If it’s not 6AM golf coverage, it’s a 6PM recap with even more coverage in between. Any other women lose their husbands to golf, especially this specific weekend?? I will say, though, that even though I’m not a hardcore PGA fan, I can still appreciate the game and am mainly interested in the final winner. Let me know when they’re on the final hole, otherwise I have no interest, LOL.

If you’ve been following on my IG stories, you’ll know that the LTK Spring Sale starts today, and you can read more details and shop my sale picks here!

That’s all for now, folks… have a great weekend! Xx, E

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