Happy Amazon Prime Day, everybody! I’ve rounded up a handful of random items from ice packs to fashion to beauty must-haves that are all part of the 48 hour sale. Most everything you see below are items I actually own. It’s important to me to share items I’ve personally tried, because we all know how hit-or-miss Amazon can be. Let’s get into it!

To shop, simply click directly on the product image or find it’s corresponding number below the collage. 

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I could spend hours gushing over every product, but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

You NEED these silk pillowcases. They’re great for your skin and hair, and are quite literally a fraction of the price of the cult favorite SLIP pillowcases. I own the white, but just ordered the “apricot” color.

This workout tank is very similar to Lululemon’s “Love Tank” and comes in tons of colors. For another designer look-alike, these faux leather leggings are great for fall/winter, and are long enough for us tall girls! You can see how I styled them here.

If you haven’t snagged a scalp scrubber, now is your chance. I use mine weekly, and can tell a difference in the cleanliness of my hair. This sale is also a great time to snag my favorite nonabrasive face exfoliator. I just bought my second tube!

These microfiber pads are the new makeup remover, and can also be used to clean makeup brushes, or washing off face masks. I always keep one in my shower!

Don’t be fooled by the name; this card game is a hilarious, fast-paced good ole time. It’s nearly half off right now!

My new favorite padlock necklace is part of the sale, and I seriously wear mine everyday. I also own this set of huggie earrings and think they’re great everyday basics.

This is my tried and true running belt, and this face mask will be a part of June’s Monthly Cut. It’s THAT good.

For the old soul inside of you, let’s chat about household items. If you don’t have a variety of washing machine bags, now is your chance! I throw all of my sweaters, bras, or delicate tops in these bags to prevent any tear from other items in the wash. For my organizers out there, these acrylic shelving separators are SO nice for keeping your closet nice and tidy. I use them for my handbags (no more slouching), and to separate my leggings!

A few more practical purchases: felt hangers. A pack of 100 felt hangers is under $30! I want to start switching all of our miss-matched hangers into matching cohesive hangers, and this sale sounds like the perfect opportunity to do that.

For those back in the office, I love this lunch bag. I use mine all. of. the. time. and I love that this style is cuter than some.

Do you have any Prime Day must-have purchases? I’d love to hear them! Do share with the class. Thanks for reading —

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