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Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you guys, but this nice weather + the lack of going places has got me in a shopping mood! So for today’s post I curated a wishlist of items I’ve had my eye on lately.

I love the simplicity of this sweatshirt; it’s a great classic crewneck that could be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with some running shorts.

I like the idea of a grab-and-go vacuum, without the hassle of a cord. I’ve been looking for a stick vacuum and everyone seems to have this Dyson, or some version of it. Do you own a stick vacuum? What are your thoughts? We don’t have any pets or children, nor do we have a huge house, so I’m not too worried about the battery life that so many people frown upon.

Justin and I have been making homemade pizzas at least once a week (our favorite dough is Trader Joe’s Garlic & Herb), and this pizza stone caught my eye. We’ve just been using a cookie sheet, but I think it’s time to add a pizza stone do our kitchen!

This hair towel looks so intriguing. I saw it on Revolve’s website for $40, but was able to find it on Amazon for $20! Supposedly the microfiber material mixed with the waffle pattern helps absorb water way faster than a normal towel. Anything that helps cut down drying time, I’m in.

I saw these baskets from the Container Store and couldn’t help but think of how organized my pantry would be using them. I love the black with the wood handles, and the fact that they’re not a boring piece of clear plastic.

To check out the items I didn’t mention, click the number under the photo that corresponds with the number on the collage. Or, use the widget at the end of this post.

What’s been on your wishlist lately? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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