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Wednesday, we meet again… For this weeks wishlist, I’ve curated a few items all from Nordstrom. Being located in Idaho, we don’t get the luxury of having large retail stores like Nordstrom. So, I’ve had to excel in the online shopping world. The great thing about Nordstrom is that they always have free shipping and free returns, no matter what you buy. Plus, they make it even easier on you by including a return label in every package so you no longer have to print your own.

I’ve had my eye on these hair ties for awhile, and I might just have to bite the bullet and invest. I wear my hair up quite often, and I’m always eager to try various elastics.

These sandals look extremely versatile and classic, and these wedges are a must-have! I love the 3″ heel (not too high), the closed toe, and the ability to wear them with a dress or denim.

It’s recently come to my attention that I don’t have a trench coat in my wardrobe, and I feel every woman needs a trench! I liked this green one because it’s longer, lightweight and would be perfect for these rainy spring days.

This zip-up looks beyond cozy, and something I would wear nonstop. I like this linen blazer for spring/summer, and the subtle plaid print just adds a little somethin’.

I’ve been loving creating these wishlist collages, and I hope you enjoy them, too! It’s a fun way for me to show you guys my style/what I’ve been “into” lately all in one place. Would you guys be interested in regular Wednesday Wishlist posts?

To check out all of the pieces, click on the number below the photo that corresponds to the number of the item, or use the widget below! Have a great week!

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