beauty productsHey, guys! It’s Monday, it’s a short work-week, and Thanksgiving is almost here!  I wanted to create this post centered around my favorite beauty products as of late because I constantly think, “I need to share these things with the world.” So, here you go! I’ve linked each item within the post, and I hope you’ll try them/love them as much as I do!

(I purposely didn’t include any make-up products in this because I wanted to do an entirely separate post for that. Stay tuned!)

hair productsTRESemme Compressed Micro Mist, Smooth: The best hairspray alternative, people!!! I know the hold is only at a level 2, but that’s the way I prefer my everyday hairspray. I hate not being able to run my fingers through my hair, and I’ve used endless hairsprays in the past that create knots in my hair because of their sticky, intense hold. This Micro Mist doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or feeling heavy, and that’s a win for me. A deal-MAKER, if you will. They also have various types for different hair types, too!

Not Your Mothers ‘All Eyes On Me’ 10-In-1 Hair Perfector: I’ve had this product for a about 6 months now and use it a couple times a week after I wash my hair. It’s essentially a leave-in conditioner that makes my hair so soft and silky. It’s my holy grail of all my hair products and is super affordable, too. I could go on and on about this product, but just believe me when I say it’s the best. It’s the best.

perfume tocca

Outremer Mini Eau De Toilette Vanille: This little guy is the perfect travel companion and smells just like it’s name suggests: Vanilla. Shocking. Vanilla is such a classic fragrance and smells great no matter the occasion. I picked this guy up at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and can throw it in my purse, car, or keep it at home. An easy, inexpensive perfume that turns heads.

Tocca Giulietta Perfume: Can we just take a minute to appreciate this bottle? It’s simple and feminine, and the detailing on the cap is so sweet. I usually switch between wearing this one and the vanilla one I just talked about. They’re both just really good scents — not too offensive or strong.

summer fridays caudalie buffing cream

Summer Fridays CC Me Serum and Jet Lag Mask: If you haven’t heard of Summer Fridays, they’ve recently made a name for themselves and I’m a big fan of their products. Their CC Serum and their Jet Lag Mask are my two favorites that I use almost daily. The CC Serum is a vitamin C serum that is light, non-sticky, and leaves your face feeling bright and refreshed. The bottle suggests applying the serum in the morning, although sometimes I prefer to use it at night and wake up to enriched, glowing skin. I’ve also used it specifically under my eyes instead of on my entire face, treating it like an eye serum. I love using it both ways!

The Jet Lag Mask is perfect for these cold, dry months ahead of us… I typically get really dry skin around my nose during the winter and this mask has been a huge life saver. You can apply a nice thick layer over your face and use it as a mask, or I usually use it as a moisturizer at night time. I wake up with insanely soft and moisturized skin, and would 100% suggest this mask to everyone. I’ve even used it on my legs when they get dry and it works wonders. This mask is something I’ll always have on-hand.

Another face product I’ve been loving is the Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream, aka, a gentle exfoliator. Did you know you’re encouraged to exfoliate your face twice a week? Sometimes even more in the T-zone areas–chin, nose, and forehead–where congestion really builds up. And if you’re anything like me, my skin can’t handle a rough scrubbing, so I was recommended this product from someone at Sephora. It’s great on my sensitive skin, smells nice, and gently buffs the dead skin off without ripping the living daylights out of my face.

lanolips, wander beautyOkay, get ready for the only two lip products you’ll ever need. The LanoLips 101 Ointment is your new best friend. Throw out the Vaseline, Carmex, Chapstick, etc. and replace them all with this single ointment. It’s petroleum-free and just in case you couldn’t tell by the nearly-empty tube, my favorite lip moisturizer… EVER! I need one in every room of my house, my purse, my car… all of the places. You can also use it on other chapped areas, like dry your nose!

The second product is a new discovery by Wander Beauty, Lip Retreat Oil in ‘Skinny Dip.’ I’ve never used a lip oil before, but it beats lipgloss any day. It’s moisturizing, not sticky and has a nude tint that adds a little somethin’ extra. I’m not a lipstick kind of girl, and lipgloss is usually too sticky for me — ESPECIALLY when it’s windy. Ya feel me? So this Wander lip oil is my new favorite gloss replacement.

vanilla milk lotionOkay, I saved the best for last. 99% of my purchases in life are impulsive – both a blessing and a curse (only a curse if you ask Justin). As per usual, this Mer-Sea body cream was one of my favorite impulse buys as of late. It has THE BEST smell you guys. The tube is beautiful and sunset-esque and I want to bathe in this lotion. If you have serious dry skin, like…. reallllllllly dry skin, then this might not be your best option. I feel like this is a good everyday, non-greasy lotion that could be used in place of perfume. It’s a very light formula that just feels nice on your skin, and I keep it by my bedside for my arms and legs before I hit the sheets!

beauty products

(I do not earn commission on any of these products)

My beauty/skincare regimen is constantly evolving, and I’m always eager to try new products! As I continue to try new things, I’ll create posts every few months with new products that I want to share! I will also share a post later on about products that I think are too hyped-up and overrated.

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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