With Christmas only a few weeks away, I wanted to create a gift guide with products all from the beloved Amazon. It’s an easy way to shop, and they literally have almost anything you could ever want. I’ve curated a list of goodies that I already own, as well as things I would definitely love receiving as a gift. I wanted to incorporate both practical gifts, as well as fun gifts that vary in price. So whether you’re needing a gift for a friend, parent, sibling, or spouse, there’s something on this list they’ll love!

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Facial Cleansing Brush
Justin and I BOTH have this facial cleansing brush and we absolutely love it. It comes with interchangeable head attachments, two different color options, and is UNDER $15?! Sold.
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charging pad
Anker Wireless Charger
I've owned this Anker Wireless Charger for over a year now and it's a simple gift, but I use it every night. Wireless chargers are compatible with the iPhone 8 to the current iPhone. There's just something about being able to set your phone down on the charging pad and not messing with cords that appeals to me. Anyone else??? Under $10!
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Fuzzy Socks
If you say you don't like fuzzy socks, you're lying. Extremely inexpensive, and an easy gift for honestly anyone. If it's fuzzy, I'm instantly in love! Under $15!
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UGG Slipper
This UGG Slipper is definitely on my Christmas list this year! The sole is nice and thin, not chunky where I feel like I'm wearing a shoe inside the house. This slipper comes in many colors, but I'm loving the classic chestnut vibe! Under $100!
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Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Let's face it - no one likes to fiddle with a classic wine bottle opener. It takes too long, sometimes the cork breaks mid-way through, and it's just an overall hassle. Justin and I, as well as my parents, own this electric wine bottle opener and it's the best. Who wouldn't want a device that gets them into their wine more quickly?! Under $15!
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Breville Espresso Machine
This bad boy is a phenomenal gift for the person in your life who you probably like a little more than the rest. I own one and Justin and I use it everyday. Every. Day. It's pricey, yes, but I think it's worth it.. don't you?? And hey, maybe that special someone will even let you use it. A win-win! Under $500!
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Play Nine - A Golf Card Game
A game I don't own, but could definitely get behind. Perhaps a good gift for the golf lover in your life?! Under $15!
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Fuzzy Front Coat
Is that the word 'fuzzy' I hear again??? A coat that's basically just a blanket. Sign. Me. Up. Plus, it comes in 6 different colors! I'll take 1 of each, please. Under $40!
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Alexa Echo Dot
You didn't think I'd create an Amazon Gift Guide without including an Echo Dot, did you? I know I'm probably the thousandth place you've seen this advertised, but there's a reason. Give me one in every room, please! C'mon, you know you want to let Alexa into your home... and for under $25!
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Flannel Sheets
We currently have these sheets on our bed and stay super toasty throughout the night! If you're living somewhere cold, you need these. You can spend hundreds of dollars on sheets, but these guys are under $60! A perfect gift for anyone who owns a bed. So, like, everyone you know.
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Facial Jade Roller
I own this facial roller and I keep it in my freezer and use it every morning! Some may think face rolling is a waste of time, but to be honest, there is not much else I'd rather fill my time with. It's a nice massage tool, and extremely inexpensive. Under $10!
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Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers
A gift that should be on everyone's list! The classic Stan Smith sneakers. Such a great shoe that I own, will always recommend, and will buy in every color. Plus, under $60?! Can't beat that.
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Spiral Hair Ties
I've recently been exposed to these spiral hair ties, and I love using them for a pony during the day. Not the greatest for high-intensity activities, but really great for an everyday up-do. I feel like they make my pony-tails look more full. Maybe it's just me?? Either way, I'm newly addicted! Under $10!
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Voluspa Candle
Voluspa has been my favorite candle brand for months now, and I rarely find a scent of their's that I don't like. However, this Baltic Amber scent is my FAVORITE! It comes in a gorgeous jar, and smells heavenly. This is one of those gifts where you should buy 2 - one for a friend, and one for yourself. Under $25!
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Handheld Clothing Steamer
Lame? I think not! A handheld clothing steamer is such a HANDY (ha, get it?) gift! We own a full-size steamer and I can't tell you how many times we've needed a handheld one. Super convenient, and you think you might not ever use it, but I bet you will! Under $40!
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