Today we’re delving into The Monthly Lineup of June, and we’re talking tech, jewelry, fashion and more! Remember that this blog series is a series where I strictly share what I’m absolutely loving. And while you may have seen me share sneak peeks of some items on IG, this is just an easier way to compile everything together into one post for seamless navigation. Let’s get into it —

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#1. Agolde High Rise Kick Denim 

Color: Riptide. Denim runs TTS, but does stretch out a bit with more wear. However, I don’t know if I would size down. The inseam is 29″ — perfect for tall gals. 

I shared a pair of Agolde denim shorts in this post, but have equally been loving these jeans from them. Even at 100% cotton, they don’t gap in the waist and the kick flare detail at the hem is super flattering and modern. Although an investment, the quality is superb.


#2. H&M Sunglasses

Styled here, I picked these sunglasses up in-store awhile back and really love them. For someone who isn’t crazy about sunglasses, I find these to be flattering on my face and for under $2o, I couldn’t pass them up.

#3. Gimme Bands Hair Ties

After seeing multiple bloggers rave about these Amazon hair ties, I had to give them a try for myself. I really love these for tight buns because they actually hold my hair. I don’t think any hair tie will pass the kink test (meaning, they won’t leave a kink in your hair), but these are great for updo’s and won’t pull your hair. If you wear hair ties on your wrist, these are really comfortable, too.

#4. Metal Glass Box

I’ve seen these glass boxes on H&M’s website for literal years, and they’re so inexpensive I don’t know why it took me so long to pull the plug. Although a bit smaller than I was expecting, I really love using it to display my jewelry. It’s very sleek and the glass allows for you to actually see what you’re storing.

#5. Rothy’s Tie-Up Sandal

Color: Sandcastle, runs TTS.

Awhile ago I was on the hunt for cute, but comfortable sandals I can wear all day, every day. To take on vacations, walks, the beach, etc. without ending up with blisters or swollen feet. These sandals are literally that. The toe strap and ankle straps are made of super soft mesh, and even though they’re a flat shoe, the quality is definitely there.

#6. Acne Clearing Sulfur Mask

This was a random Amazon purchase from awhile back that I keep reaching back for. Whenever I get little breakouts or feel my skin isn’t happy, I use this and truly notice the bumps/acne go down. Yes, it does smell like sulfur, but you get used to the smell after awhile. It always leaves my skin feeling clean and oil-free.

#7. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Mac’s

Color: B Silver

When I bought my MacBook, I invested in a $90 mouse with it. After only a few weeks I quickly realized I didn’t like it so I did a quick search on Amazon. The mouse you see below has been awesome, and yet it’s so simple. I love the way it feels in my hand, and I haven’t had any connectivity issues (*knock on wood*).

#8. Padlock Necklace

After seeing a similar, more expensive padlock necklace online, I knew Amazon would have something nearly identical for less. I truly wear this necklace every day and love layering it with a shorter, gold chain. Because of the materials, I don’t shower or sleep in it, but love it for everyday fashion jewelry.

And that’s a wrap! If you missed May’s must-have’s you can read that here, or find The Monthly Lineup series under the “shop” category of this site. Thanks so much for reading —

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