Happy Earth Day, friends! I’m pretty sure I’ve never acknowledged Earth Day in my entire life, but not being able to explore the earth right now makes me reminisce on our past travels.  As I was going through my photos for today’s post, I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered each and every trip that these pictures are from. It’s only been a couple months since our last trip, but it seems like an eternity! I’m counting down the days until I can buy a plane ticket again!

Do you have any travel plans once we’re given the “OK”? Justin and I plan to visit California this August, Hawaii in October, and possibly squeeze in a few random trips here and there. We definitely have the travel-bug, and I don’t think I’ll ever take a plane ride for granted again, LOL. Until then, take a scroll through some of my favorite photos from past trips and various climates.

ocean landscapepine trees the green belt golf course manhattan beach snow in bogus basin golf course bunker ocean in san diego a road in the bahamas infinity pool in jamaica

After this year, I’ll be more mindful in taking a few moments to appreciate Earth Day in the years to come. I challenge you to think about your past travels, our earth (even what’s right outside your window!), and know that we will get to explore again before we know it!

If you ever want to check out our travels, they’re located here! Have a great day!


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