As much as I love twirling around in a spring dress, sometimes (most of the time) I opt for a soft pair of denim and a fun top. These high rise, straight leg jeans from Old Navy were one of February’s Best Sellers, and it’s no secret why! They’re incredibly soft (nothing rigid here!), stretchy (without feeling cheap), and available in “tall” length. Plus, they have a 5-button closure, which makes them feel way more expensive than they really are. I love when that happens!

And as the temps continue to rise, and jackets become less and less necessary, this is the time that I like to I pull out all my statement tops. I shared this smocked floral top here, and am so happy I finally get to wear it! The floral detailing is flirty and fun, while the fabric is light and airy — the ideal spring blouse. I’m sharing more smocked, airy tops at the bottom of this post!

top (TTS), loving this, this and this, too | denimon sale! (size down) | earrings, similar pair here, here and here | heels, also loving these, these or these | lip color | necklace is Mejuri | front door wreath | entry rug

Much like Abercrombie has stepped up their fashion game, I feel Old Navy is doing the same. Less logo tee’s and more modern, trendy pieces. Old Navy made the list of my Favorite Tall Fashion Brands, and not only are they size-inclusive, they are extremely affordable. Sometimes too affordable. But, hey, no complaints over here!

As a side note, with Easter now only 2 days away, this could be a really easy last minute look if you’re scrambling for ideas. You can never go wrong with a good pair of denim, a flowy blouse, and a nude pair of heels. This is an outfit that simply always works (insert clapping hands emoji)! You can also refer to this post that I did about Easter dresses, accessories, and more.

I hope you all have a safe, blessed and joyous holiday weekend! He is Risen! Xx, E

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission.

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