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Well, it’s been a crazy past few weeks, but I wanted to shed some light on a dark situation by gathering my top 10 recent Amazon obsessions and creating a blog post about it. I know Amazon (along with other retailers) are having extremely delayed shipping on certain orders, but most of these items are in-stock so you don’t have to worry about any delays! I didn’t realize how much stuff I use daily is from Amazon, as I’m sure you are now having the same realization. So today, I’m sharing a list of items (kitchen, beauty, workout, technology, etc.) that I can’t live without! Happy Friday!


bottle of lotion
Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion
Proudly positioned on my bathroom counter, this Palmer's body lotion is my (and Justin's) new go-to. Extremely moisturizing, affordable, free of all the bad stuff, and the pump dispenser is a nice added bonus. Plus, it smells like coconuts.
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charging pad
Anker Wireless Charging Pad
I've talked about this charging pad before, and this is one of those items I take for granted....but shouldn't. Who knew having to plug a cord into your phone would be such a hassle? This bad boy allows for easily charging your iPhone 8 or newer, without having to plug anything into anything. Well, except for plugging the charging pad into the wall.
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sheet masks
Dermal Korean Sheet Masks
I've been buying these particular sheet masks for a couple years now, and I'm hooked. I was recommended these by an esthetician and they beat the pricey sheet masks any day. Plus, I don't feel bad about using them so often because they're so inexpensive. 16 SHEET MASKS FOR $12!!! Need I say more?
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pack of workout bands
Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
Every. Person. Should. Have. Resistance. Bands. This pack comes with five levels of resistance, and a handy travel/storage bag. I incorporate resistance bands into my workouts nearly every day!
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girl in tshirt
Boxy T-Shirt
My new favorite basic T... that I need to order in every color. Buttery soft fabric, great basic, perfect summer t-shirt. I prefer a baggier fit, so I would order one size up!
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washing machine bags
Mesh Laundry Bags
Probably the least cool, yet incredibly handy item on this list. You guys, I use these mesh laundry bags CONSTANTLY. So good for bras, delicate sweaters, stuffed animals, etc. I'm obsessed with these bags!
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tube of face cream
Paula's Choice Hydrating Face Mask
A personal favorite of mine! This hydrating face mask reminds me a lot of the Summer Friday's Jet Lag mask, but half the price. It's a really thick cream, and you can apply it as a mask or leave it on over night as a moisturizer, which is what I do. An awesome mask/moisturizer for when your skin is feeling dry!
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baking mats
Silicone Baking Mat Sheets
I'm sorry, you what? You still spray your cookie sheets with PAM? Drop the spray, my friend. These silicone mats are your new best friend. Justin and I use these daily -- whether we're baking cookies, cooking meats or veggies, they're great for whatever! No more food sticking problems, and they're a breeze to clean!
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massage gun
Handheld Massage Gun
I've also talked about this massage gun in the past, and I still love this thing so strongly. I know there are a million brands/types/price points out there, but this one is priced fairly considering what all comes with it. Such a great tool for pre and post workout, and just for when your muscles need some relief.
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makeup remover pads
Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
Something I can't go a day without! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me talk abou these before. I'm a huge fan of these because they 1) are reusable, creating less waste and are more cost effective compared to wipes and 2) actually get all of your makeup off. I will swear by these till the day I die. (Are also great for removing face masks and cleaning makeup brushes!)
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