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Today’s Gift Guide is all about the kitchen — gifts for the hostess, for the household chef, the coffee lover, or the person who just likes nice things. Whether you’re an avid cook or cereal is your ideal dinner, there’s something for everyone here! For more of my kitchen favorites, click here!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s gift guides thus far! Xx, E

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Breville Espresso Machine
Williams Sonoma
A luxury gift for a coffee lover! We invested in our espresso machine a few years ago and haven't looked back.
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Glass Mug
Why do I enjoy being able to see my coffee through my mug? Not sure, but I do. These clear mugs are incredibly sleek and go with any decor!
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Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
One of my favorite items in my kitchen are these measuring cups. They're stainless steel, affordable, and I love that they have the oddball amounts, like a 2/3 cup.
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One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook
One of my favorite, simple cookbooks for 2! I highly suggest the lemon asparagus risotto -- I could live off that stuff.
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Silionce Baking Mats
I've preached about these baking mats before, and I can't say enough good things about them. You just put them on top of your baking sheet and go about your cooking. Simply clean the mats after using them, and store baking sheet back in the cupboard!
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Nutribullet Blender
Bed Bath & Beyond
I reach for my Nutribullet more than my regular blender, I swear. Perfect for single-serve smoothies, green tea lattes, or even milkshakes!
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Stainless Steel Tumbler
To-go tumblers are always a great gift idea because it's something we all use but don't think to ask for. This black is great for both men and women, and I personally love a cup with a straw!
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Always Pan
Our Place
The most raved about pan of the year is this Always Pan by Our Place. Bloggers swear by it, and I'm convinced as well. Available in multiple colors, and on sale now!
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Wooden Spoon
It seems so simple, but I love a good wooden spoon. They're incredibly versatile and just look good, ya know?
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Wine Glasses
Crate & Barrel
The sleekest, most sophisticated wine glasses with a modern twist. Can't get enough of these!
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Electric Wine Opener
Seems silly and possibly lazy, but who has time to mess with wine corks? Not I. Extremely affordable, any wine lover would appreciate this electric wine bottle opener.
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Oil & Vinegar Dispensers
West Elm
Okay.. OBSESSED. I absolutely love having oil next to the oven and these ceramic white bottles are so chic. The tray is also a fun bonus!
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Dish Brush Set
World Market
If you don't have storage for a dish cleaning brush, I love this set for next to the sink. It's sleek and compact, and not an eye sore.
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