Last year I shared 10 mood boosting ideas (also linked on my homepage) and I wanted to kind of do the same thing again this year. I love seeing what other people do in their daily lives to bring themselves joy so I thought I’d share a few of my happiness hacks that I’ve been doing recently.

Buying an afternoon iced coffee

I always have a morning coffee, but something about grabbing an afternoon coffee makes me feel like I can tackle the world. I know it can be an expensive habit, but there’s worse habits out there. Right?!

Lighting a candle

Even when I’m in the office at my normal job and not at home, I always light a candle in the afternoons to give the office a sort of calming ambiance. I think it reminds me of being cozy at home, which brings me happiness.

Changing your playlist

I’m always listening to music, whether I’m at home, in the car, or at the office. Often times I get distracted and caught up in the same playlist for hours on end. So to “spruce things up” a bit, I find either a newly discovered playlist or one I haven’t heard in awhile to switch things up!

Step outside for fresh air

This is one I could get better at, but man, there’s just something about fresh air that does the mind wonders. I think an outdoor walk is nice, but even if I’m just standing still outside and taking in deep breaths, it’s a game changer.

Clean your space

I’m not talking about deep cleaning your entire office or house, but just taking a minute in between tasks to put things away, move things around, and de-clutter the space you’re in. Even if it’s not my work station, I always do this with the kitchen or living room to make me feel like I have my life in order. An organized space is a happy space.

Go to a tanning bed fully clothed

Okay.. I haven’t actually done this but doesn’t it sound delightful? Especially in the middle of winter where warmth is nonexistent and the sun is sparse. Yes please! And the fully clothed part is to protect your skin… but ya know, you do you.

Open the blinds

Perhaps this is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people live their lives in dark and dingy spaces. Open up those blinds for natural light possibly some sunshine. It’ll do your mood wonders!

Do you have any happiness hacks that you’d like to share? I’d love to add them to the list! Thanks for reading —

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