–  Being gifted the cutest, personalized bag for Christmas! –

– Spending time flipping through these mini fashion books that I also got for Christmas. –

– Some new clean beauty finds. Blush: happy, Highlighter Stick: bounce

– Splurging on these black western-inspired boots. I’m obsessed! –

– Moving my stack of Harpers Bazaar to make room for my Architectural Digests. –

Welcome 2023! Another year is behind us, and a new year has begun. It’s crazy to think we celebrated Christmas and New Years just within the past couple weeks. Did you enjoy your holidays? Ours were pretty chill, and I was thankful for that. We switched things up and hosted on Christmas Day and I’m not going to lie, it was nice not having to get dressed and leave the house. Our New Years Eve went from a casual dinner to downtown bar hopping and getting in bed at 2:30AM… luckily we had the following 2 days off to recoup, LOL.

Tomorrow Justin and I leave for Arizona to get some sunshine and see a few professional sporting events. We’ve kind of made it a tradition the past few years to go to AZ for a weekend in January just to escape the cold. Coffee shops, dinners, and shopping are of course on the agenda as well!

Last year I made a mood/vision board on Canva and I’m thinking I’ll do the same for this year. I keep these to myself and hang them in a place where I can see it everyday, like my closet. I also made a list of 2023 “goals” — big and small, silly and important — in my planner that I hope to accomplish by the end of this year. Are you a goal-oriented person? I don’t beat myself up over them, but I think it’s fun to write them down and do my best to achieve what I can.

Thank you for being year and supporting me and this small business I hope to make my full-time job one day. Your support means the world to me! Thanks for reading —

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