From saving my own coins, to birthday gifts, I’m fortunate enough to own a couple pairs of Golden Goose sneakers. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over social media with their iconic oversized star plastered on the side, and ‘worn-in’ look. But are they worth the hefty price tag that comes with them? For today’s blog post I wanted to share my opinion on functionality, style, comfort, and cost.


I think the fact that they’re a sneaker automatically makes them fairly functional. More so, say, than a high heel. I’ve worn mine with both denim and skirts/dresses. I definitely wouldn’t wear them to the gym, but as an everyday sneaker, I think they’re pretty practical.

Did you know that all GGDB sneakers have a short inner heel, elevating your height just a tad to elongate your legs? I never knew this — even after I bought my first pair — it’s THAT discreet! 


In terms of style, I think everyone is going to have their own personal preference. I personally was drawn towards the purposefully smudged outer sole because a) edgy/coolness factor and b) I wouldn’t feel bad if I actually did muck up my shoe. However, if the scuffed look isn’t for you, they do make a pair without any distressing.

I have both the low top and high top styles, and think they serve different style purposes. The low tops are great for summer when you’re showing more leg — like with a dress or denim cutoffs. During cooler temps, I reach for my high tops more because I think they look great paired with jeans. Again, it’s all personal preference. If you don’t like how they look from the get-go, I wouldn’t recommend them otherwise.



The comfort of Golden Goose sneakers are a solid 2/10. With real leather shoes, I always give myself a grace period before I rule a shoe uncomfortable because the leather needs time to break in. But even after 1-3 years of owning mine, my feet still cry from the moment I put them on.

Both pairs are my true size, but perhaps having gone up a 1/2 size would help? At the same time, a lot of the pain comes from the heel and pinky toe, so I’m not sure size is the biggest issue here.

I’ll also be the first to admit that my feet are often upset in most of my shoes — designer or not. But my GG’s are uncomfortable right out of the gate, so I really only wear them for quick dinners, or photos.


Golden Goose sneakers range anywhere from $450 – $800, with some in the low $1000’s. Given the distressed state of the shoe, most people wouldn’t cough over that much money for something that looks like it came from Goodwill. But for those that like the ‘worn-in’ look, it boils down to comfort and whether or not you’ll actually wear the investment you just made. For me personally, I won’t be buying any more Golden Goose sneakers — I’d rather use that money to invest in a handbag, or in multiple pairs of comfortable shoes.

There you have it! My personal opinion of the famous Golden Goose sneakers, and whether I think they’re worth the $$$. If you have any questions, or comments, leave them below! Thanks for reading —

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