There’s only 5 days left until Christmas, and while a lot of what’s listed below *might* not arrive on-time for you, I wanted to share what’s on my own wish list anyway. And hey, maybe you can grab some inspiration for last minute in-store shopping.

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I have 5 pairs of On sneakers, but have my eye on this pair because they’re waterproof; which would be perfect for the winter months. The sole also has a lot more traction than my current shoes, so I think they’d be good for trails, hiking, etc.

This bag is giving major Chanel vibes without the Chanel price tag. It’s not cheap by any means, but definitely less than the real deal. I love it!

Perhaps the most “adult” thing on this list is this air purifier for our bedroom. Even though we have a hypoallergenic dog, I still feel as though the air that we breath could be cleaner. Especially when we’re sleeping.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this brown pair of Lululemon Align leggings, with no luck thus far. But they’re so cute, right?!

If we’re shooting for the stars, this pair of sling-backs are to die for and I’d love a real diamond necklace that I can wear 24/7. A girl can dream!

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? I nearly am, but the wrapping is what’s now haunting me… thanks for reading!

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