This weeks gift list is for the guys! Now, I feel pretty lucky in that Justin loves clothing, so that’s usually the majority of what I get him for gifts. However, I tried to include some items other than clothing for the men in your life. Hope this list helps!

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Starting off with what Justin has and loves… this vest. He wears it quite literally every day. He needed a new black jacket so I bought him the same style but in the jacket version. Easy peasy!

He also wears these merino wool socks all the time in the winter. I usually like to get him a new pair or 2 every year!

I bought him a nice, beginner knife set for his birthday last year and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. We both use the knives all the time.

He’s always talking about wanting a pair of slippers, but won’t buy them himself, so I’m thinking of snagging this pair. Simple and sleek! He’s also very into making his own old fashions at home, so something like a real crystal glass and “fancy” cherries are both winners.

I love this big, leather weekender bag and this watch box looks really nice for the watch-lover.

I also want to include some gift ideas that you can’t wrap in a box and put under the tree:

  • Liquor or wine subscription — I did this a few years back with gin and it was so fun! I did a 3-month subscription where he’d get a surprise bottle of gin each month.
  • Golf lessons — I had a friend do this for her boyfriend’s birthday and thought it was a really smart and handy gift idea. Even just 1 lesson would be helpful!
  • A weekend getaway — sadly, Justin is vacation planner in our house so I’d never be able to plan a surprise trip for him. But if you’re the trip planner, planning a weekend trip would be so thoughtful.
  • Massage or massage subscription — I’m personally not a fan of massages anymore, but Justin LOVES them.

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