water bottle on a bike

My favorite water bottle that I can’t go a day without! I’ve tried Hydro Flasks, but being able to actually see my water intake is a game changer for me.

wall of photos

Justin and I recently hung our gallery wall in our dining room and I love seeing these photos of us each and every day. It can be a chore to hang photos, but once you do it, you won’t regret it! The perfect activity to do during this time.

a vase of greenery

I just bought these faux greenery stems and I love that they add a pop of color and spring vibes into my home!


This is a Spotify playlist I just discovered and I can’t get enough. I love when I can put on a playlist during a workout and not constantly skip over the songs. This one has everything from Michael Buble to 2 Chainz. Really, not much more I could want.

a game on a table

Last, but not least, is my new favorite game. Justin had this game before we got married, and we just pulled it out of our game closet this past week. Now, I ask him to play with me every night! Such a fun way to spend time with your spouse/family.

So, this is what the weekly Friday Favorites is going to look like! Just five photos of things that inspired me during the week. A weekly wrap-up, if you will. How has your social distancing/quarantine been going? Because my full time job is medical insurance billing, I pop into the office a few times a week for a short time just to get claims sent out. So while I am still working, I have definitely been cutting back on my work intake and, just like the rest of us, social distancing.

I’m just thankful for the sunshine and spring weather headed our way; it makes staying at home so much more enjoyable! I’m looking forward to finishing our backyard (firepit, yes please!), and planting flowers in my flower pots. What are you looking forward to doing this spring? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you have a great weekend!


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