– Cozying up in this sweater tunic from Long Tally Sally – (gifted)

– Adding home accents to our new bookshelf. –

– Testing out a new natural gel deodorant. – (code 10MCAFEE for a discount!)

– Snagging these light pink western booties on sale! –

– Investing in new athleisure wear. Loving these joggers! I even wore them to work. –

 Welcome to Friday! We made it, folks. I’m not going to lie, this week started a little hectic. We spent time in the mountains with friends, and immediately after we returned on Sunday, I had brand photos I needed to take (see the post here). Tired and cold from the weekend, I wasn’t in the mood, but I needed to get the photos done. Long story short, the end of my weekend/start of my week ended on a sour note and fake smiles. I’ve given myself grace, though, as we can’t all be at the top of our game 24/7.

On a happier note, I ended my week with something I’ve never done before. Therapy. Sometimes I feel therapy is seen as a fad; perhaps a bit trendy? However, it’s a profession for a reason and I found my gal from I searched by gender, area, in-person, and insurance and found a woman I really enjoy (even though I’ve only seen her once, so far). I realized it was time to talk with someone about the weight of life, and I’m excited to continue my sessions. If you’ve done therapy, and are open to sharing, I’d love to hear if it’s been beneficial to you or not! I think if you find the right person, it can do wonders for your mental health.

Besides that, I’ve just been continuing to push through the cold and remembering that spring is right around the corner. We also have a FL trip in a couple weeks which has also been a mood-booster. Sunshine, I can’t wait to see you!

We’re on the last episode of Star Wars, and are currently watching the newest series of The Amazing Race. We also recently started the Tom Brady docu-series, and while I’m not a huge sports fan, I can appreciate the behind-the-scenes of celebrities.

I hope you have an amazing weekend, and that you’re staying happy and healthy! For this weeks recent purchases, click here. Thanks for reading —

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