I got these Gucci heels for my birthday on Monday, and I love them so much I thought I’d dedicate this weeks wish list to all designer items! Obviously these are all things that are (huge) investment pieces, but that will last you years and years.

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If I’m going to invest in a designer piece, I’m always looking at shoes or handbags. I just think they’re pieces you’ll never outgrow or ruin as easily as clothing.

I love this chocolate brown bag, and these slingback heels are so timeless and chic.

I have a full review of Golden Goose sneakers here, but I’m really loving this simple(ish) pair. They’re clean, polished and timeless!

The Hérmes Kelly 18 belt is at the top of my designer wish list… and item I searched all over Italy for and never found. But when I do find one, it’ll make that time of my life that much more special.

Designer jewelry is so special because it can be passed down from generation to generation; how beautiful are these Chanel studs? Love!

Do you have a designer wish list? I’d love to hear what’s on it… do tell! Thanks for reading —

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