As Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I’d share 10 date ideas that you can do with your significant other! No out-of-state traveling required!

1. Get a mani/pedi

I recently introduced the luxury of a good pedicure to Justin and now we love to make it a special occasion date! Find a local spa that feels calm, welcoming, and relaxing inside. Perhaps you splurge a bit more this time than you typically would for a nail service, but this makes it special and serves as a nice treat!

2. Go to different restaurants for drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert

I’ve always loved this idea, and can’t believe I haven’t done it yet! With Valentine’s Day being a busy night for restaurants, you might look into reserving a table for your main course, and just winging the rest! Hopping from one place to another is ideal in a downtown/village-type setting where you can easily walk from place to place.

3. An Escape Room

Escape rooms are always a fun date night idea because they take time (no twiddling your thumbs), require brain usage, and you work together as a team! Escape rooms are in every city, but if you’re local, Justin and I really like Escape from Mystery Manor and Puzzle Effect Boise.

4. At-home movie night

Maybe you do this every weekend, but turn it up a notch for Valentine’s Day! Move the furniture around, blow up a mattress, and set the scene. Bring in your nice bedding, your fluffiest pillows, maybe hang some twinkle lights! Set up a concessions stand with your favorite movie snacks and drinks and make it something special!

5. Have a staycation

With the given country circumstances, I know traveling on a whim isn’t as easy as it once was. So rather than stressing about leaving town, book a fancy hotel in the comfort of your own city! Make a little getaway, even if it’s just for one night.

6. Get outdoors

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated only at night? I love the idea of grabbing your s/o and heading outdoors — just the two of you! Find a nice hiking trail (as easy or difficult as you’d like), walk a paved greenbelt, along a river, etc. This idea may depend on your current weather situation, but get some vitamin D if you can!

7. Have a themed night at home

I recently got this idea from here, and love it! Especially during COVID times when not everyone is comfortable with a night out on the town. Pick a theme for the evening, and stick to it! Roaring 20’s, masquerade ball, luau… dress up, serve appropriate food/beverage, and make it a party for 2!

8. Shop for each other, with each other

If you’re anything like Justin and I, we both enjoy shopping. Take the stress of gift giving away, and take the day to shop for each other, with each other! You’re spending quality time together, while each getting what you want. I can’t think of a better date idea, really!

9. Outdoor scavenger hunt

My mom has put on scavenger hunts for us for years, and even as adults, we still enjoy them! So you can both enjoy the hunt together, ask a friend or family member to create a list of things to find around town — you don’t need to do fancy riddles or rhymes. Or, you can often find scavenger hunt ideas online, like this. This date idea gets you out of the house and exploring your own city!

10. Indoor or outdoor wine tasting

If you get lucky with a nice sunny day, take a road trip to a local winery and enjoy sipping a glass (or 2 or 3) of vino with your love. I think we can all agree that outdoor wine tasting trumps all, but if weather isn’t permitting, find a local indoor spot that allows for wine tasting! Justin and I love Bodovino (we prefer the downtown Boise location) for indoor wine tastings. Due to COVID, you’re not able to walk around and mingle like once before, but it’s still fun to find a table and taste fun wines.

What’s your ideal date night (or day) for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear any other date ideas you may have! Xx, E

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