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We’ve officially made it to the middle of the week, yahoo! For this weeks Wednesday Wishlist, I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite timeless jewelry. I’ll be the first to admit that accessories were not on my priority list back in the day. But then I started wearing earrings every day, then came a necklace, and now I wear multiple pieces of jewelry every day (some I never even take off)! So for today’s post I thought I’d share dainty, simple jewelry that could be worn with anything!

I recently discovered this jewelry boutique, and I’m obsessed! I love this necklace, this necklace and this necklace from their site. These hoops have a fun shape and are a different take on the classic round hoops. These are similar at a more affordable price point!

Some days I want to ditch my Apple Watch and wear something classy; this watch is to die for! However, because I still wear my Apple Watch quite often (I can’t seem to let it go), I thought this band would be nice and “dress up” my arm a bit (under $15)!

These studs would be so fun for a second or third ear piercing. Also love these chain-like hoops + a matching ring!

I’m slowly but surely becoming more of a jewelry fanatic, and I’m not mad about it! Great jewelry pieces are worth the investment because unlike clothing, they’ll last a lifetime. Plus, a nice piece of jewelry really adds some extra flare to an otherwise mundane outfit. Do you prefer costume-like jewelry, or do you gravitate towards pieces that can be mixed/matched and go with everything? Where are some of your favorite places to shop for jewelry? Do tell!


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