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I was excited to create today’s Wednesday Wishlist as it revolves around a brand that’s near and dear to my heart… Lululemon. This is a brand familiar to everyone, and I’m always curious what others go-to items are when shopping at Lululemon. Lululemon is the only brand where I own multiple of the same item in different colors/patterns. Once I find something I love in the workout gear department, I stick with it. Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

I’ve owned the Align leggings for years now, and they’re my top must-have Lulu item. They’re buttery soft, snug in all the right places and can be worn from the streets to the gym. A new item to me, but another must-have are the Align 6″ biker short. I personally don’t love biker shorts as a lifestyle look, but I do love them for a) biking and b) weight lifting. Because the Align fabric is so popular, Lululemon made an entire line revolved around the buttery soft fabric.

When I started running earlier this year, I strictly wore the Lululemon 4″ Hotty Hot shorts (not to be confused with the 2.5″). However, when I saw they came out with the 5″ Track That short, I was hooked. For us taller gals, the 5″ inseam makes a huge difference — especially during those long runs. I never feel exposed and the fabric is incredibly breathable + sweat wicking.

If there’s one jacket I recommend, it’s the Define jacket shown above. I own this jacket in 5 colors… it’s THAT good. The seams are extremely flattering to your figure and it’s a great layering piece for when the temps drop. They’re constantly debuting new colors, too, which is why I have so many.. LOL.

Everything else you see above, I own and love. I always aim to show you pieces that I’ve personally own so I’m able to give my honest opinion. If you’re financially able, I can’t recommend Lululemon enough for workout gear. And although the initial sticker shock of Lulu is enough for some people to drop everything and walk away, I know that Lulu holds its value and quality and that’s why I’m always coming back for more.

What’s your must-have item(s) from Lululemon? I love to know what people can’t live without!


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