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Welcome to the middle of the week! After polling you guys on IG, it seemed the audience fave for this week’s Wednesday Wishlist was fall home decor. As much as I love fashion, it’s fun to branch out sometimes and focus on my other interests, like home decor! Last year I put, like, 2 decorations out because we had just moved into our home and decorating for fall wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. So, I’m excited to gather my own decor pieces this year and be able to enjoy the art of decorating.

I rounded up 15 of my favorite fall-inspired home decor items with various price points; let’s dive in:

I’m obsessed with this terra cotta bowl because I can see myself using this year-round. The black makes it fall-esque, but I think it’d make a great fruit bowl throughout the year, as well.

I love this wreath because we have a black front door, and I think the burnt orange leaves really pop against black. These faux magnolia leaves would be fabulous in this vase or this vase — fall without screaming fall.

Pumpkins are a must-have fall decoration and I love this checkered pumpkin from Mackenzie Childs. It definitely stands out, yet remains classy. These flickering pumpkins are also great as an easy, no-fuss decor option.

You can never go wrong with black candle sticks, and I love this set from Pottery Barn. I would personally display these on my kitchen table, but would look chic on an accent table or in the entryway.

This pie dish could be used for the purpose of pie, although I would probably leave it on my stovetop as decoration.

You’ll notice a lot of what I shared today is timeless and could be used year-round. As with my closet, I try to find versatile decor pieces, too. Home decor is often an investment, and these pieces will last you years. What’s your favorite piece from above?! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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