Hello and Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be back after taking a week off from the blog, and what better way to start the new year than with a Amazon home organization post. This is the perfect time of year to organize because we’re all taking down and cleaning up from the holidays anyways, so may as well organize and declutter while you’re at it!

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I majorly cleaned out my closet on Sunday which got my wheels turning for this blog post. Last year I ordered these acrylic shelf dividers for my handbags and they’ve been a major help. I also use them in our closet cubbies to divide yoga pants, shorts, etc.

These metal stands are technically designed for the kitchen, but I ordered one to help maximize shoe space for my ankle boots. For flats, sandals, sneakers; I use these clear bins. They’re stackable and allow you to actually see what’s inside.

One day I hope to transfer all our mismatched hangers into these black felt hangers, but between Justin and I, we have so many clothes that it would cost a pretty penny to do that. One day!

I have these acrylic drawers for under my bathroom sink and love them. This hair accessory holder is awesome, and using a tray to display your everyday beauty products is aesthetically pleasing.

This faux leather tissue box cover is one of my favorite Amazon home buys, and I’m lowkey excited for this drawer organizer to arrive. It’s made for flatware, but I’m actually going to use it for my nightstand!

Use a lazy suzan for your pantry or your skincare, and mount a few of these acrylic pegs for jewelry or belts.

Do you have any favorite Amazon organization products?? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading —

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