Hello, hello! Today I’m sharing my tried and true skincare products that I simply can’t live without, along with the order of application. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Let’s dive in.

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Step 1 | First and foremost, I remove my makeup before I wash my face. I used to just hop in the shower and try to wash my makeup off just using my face wash, and it just didn’t get my skin as clean as it needed to be. If I have heavy makeup on, I use one of these towelettes before I even get my face wet. After wiping the majority of my makeup off, I’ll get in the shower and use these reusable makeup remover pads to remove every last drop of makeup.

Step 2 | Once my face is free of makeup (mascara and all), I’ll use 1-2 pumps of this face wash. Guys, I’ve used this cleanser for nearly three years now and I will not change it. It’s incredibly gentle, it SUDS (that’s important to me), and doesn’t irritate my skin. Justin uses it too!

Step 3 | After the shower, I’ll usually put one of two toners on. I’ll use this one if my skin is upset/I feel a blemish coming in. I’ll use this one if my skin has been happy and healthy. You can read more about the importance of a toner here.

Step 4 | Next, I go in with an eye serum or an eye cream. I’ve been using this serum in the morning, and this cream at night. Since I use an eye cream at night, I apply this hyaluronic acid beforehand (the directions say to apply the hyaluronic acid before any creams). My morning serum has been awesome, and is UNDER $10. I’ve been really happy with it. The cream is very moisturizing, but that’s about it. I don’t notice a ton of other results with the cream, other than it just feels nice and hydrates my eye area.

Step 5 | Once my eye serum is applied (remember to apply the eye cream after your serums), I use this vitamin C serum. I typically apply this three days a week at night. It really gives a nice glow, and helps diminish any dark spots you may have!

Step 6 | This hyaluronic acid is new to my skincare routine and I AM SHOOK. Like… it’s next level amazing. I’ve heard of people incorporating a hyaluronic acid in their skincare, but I never thought I needed it. After deciding to try it, I can’t go back! My skin looks plump, hydrated and happy. I’ve also noticed a decrease in blemishes. Also UNDER $10!

Step 7 | I use this moisturizer every night and just like my face wash, I won’t change it. It has really helped my skin’s hydration and in combination with the hyaluronic acid, I feel like a new woman. Although pricey, I’m willing to splurge on skincare. Especially medical grade skincare.

Step 8 | I use this calming ampoule in the mornings combined with sunscreen as my “moisturizer.” “An ampoule is a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients” according to this article. I prefer this combo in the mornings because it works nicely under my makeup and my skin still feels hydrated.

Step 9 | When applying sunscreen in the morning, the one I currently use is out of stock (not listed or shown above). However, I’ve used this one in the past and I was a big fan. I didn’t go back to it just because of the price. But, it wasn’t heavy or hard to rub in — it was a perfectly great sunscreen. Once I finish my current face sunscreen, I’m going to try this one. I’m a huge fan of Epionce’s products and I trust this sunscreen is going to be a good one (applies nicely, feels light under makeup, affordable, etc.).

For Pimples | I will not let myself run out of these blemish patches. I’ve tried numerous brands, and the Nexcare ones are top-notch. Unlike a zit cream, you have to wait for the zit to surface before using the patches. Once I notice a whitehead, I’ll pop it, wash my face as normal, but BEFORE I PUT ANYTHING ELSE ON MY FACE, I apply the blemish patch over the zit. Once it’s applied, you’re safe to apply the rest of your products. The zit patch must be applied on clean, dry skin or else it won’t stick.

I really cherish my skin, and I make it a priority to take care of it! Keep in mind that I am NOT a skincare professional. I’ve just messed around with skincare, listen to my esthetician’s suggestions, and have found what works for my skin. If you have any questions on products, or directions, let me know! I’d love to chat.


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