A little later than I would have liked to recap The Monthly Lineup for December, but sometimes life happens! So let’s get into it. Sharing 7 note-worthy purchases/gifts received from last month and why.

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#1 | 4-Piece Jersey Pajama Set 

Runs TTS (wearing the ‘tall’ length)

Justin got me this 4-piece pajama set for Christmas and they’re so comfy cozy. Not only do you get 4 mix/matchable pieces, but they’re also insanely affordable. But the best part? They’re available in tall length. I’ve been wearing them on repeat!

#2 | NYC-Made Abstract Mug 

Sand Coffee Cup – Cara Pattern

This is a new-to-me brand, but I love how unique each piece is. From plant pots, to mugs, to vases… Franca NYC hand-makes the prettiest (and coolest!) pottery.

#3 | Ouai Hand Lotion 

Scent: Rue St. Honoré

A stocking stuffer I got for Christmas, I’ve been loving the smell and texture of this hand cream. It is a tad big for a small purse, but it fits in my medium-size crossbody just fine. It’s also TSA-approved weighing in at exactly 3 oz.

#4 | A&F Faux Leather Skinny Pants

Curve Love, runs TTS (wearing the ‘long’ length), has lots of stretch

I have a pair of faux straight leg leather pants, but wanted a pair of skinny faux leather pants as well. What I love about this pair is that they’re available in ‘long’ length and Curve Love fit, meaning no waist gap in the back. Yahoo!

#5 | Electric Candle Lighter

A inexpensive, yet practical Christmas gift I received; an electric candle lighter. Super sleek, easy to use, and all you do it charge it! Genius.

#6 | Disney GAP Tee

Slightly cropped, slightly oversized fit

I snagged this vintage-inspired Disney tee for our most recent trip to Disneyland and I love the fit/softness/classic Mickey. I also feel it’s subtle enough to wear outside of Disney, too.

#7 | Headrest Bag Hooks

Color: Black leather

Influenced by an IG friend to try these hooks, I can’t stop raving about them. Such a genius, simple idea! Great for purses, lunch boxes, totes… anything with a handle.

Thanks for reading, and be back tomorrow for December’s best sellers!

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