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A few weeks ago I polled you guys on IG asking about Christmas pajamas. Are they a tradition in your family? Do you wear holiday-themed pajamas, or keep it neutral? Are you looking to get a handful of wears out of them, or invest in pieces that will last you years to come? The answers were incredibly mixed, and totally understandable! So for today’s Gift Guide, I’m sharing a handful of pajamas/loungewear* that are both festive and versatile, without being too corny. Let’s dive in! Xx, E

*Do keep in mind that a lot of what I’m sharing today come in multiple colors/patterns! So if you see a style you like, but aren’t too fond of the color, check them out anyway! You might find a color/pattern you like instead.

A few helpful tips I have for you:

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This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission.

Flannel Jogger Pajama Bottoms
Red/green flannel screams Christmas to me, so if you're a festive pajama lover, these are for you!
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Sleep Shirt Dress
Tommy John
I hear amazing things about this brand, and I love the solid red for a bit of festiveness, but nothing too "in your face."
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Slide-On Slippers
Love these fuzzy slippers for Christmas morning, and every other morning after that. Under $40!
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Sherpa Sleep Short
I prefer to sleep in pajama shorts, and these are cozy soft, and perfect for year-round!
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Long Sleeve Sleepwear Set
I love a good set, and this one is under $30!
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Cotton Pajama Set
Love this bright pink set that's quality, and perfect for every night wear.
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Fleece Pajama Set
Old Navy
This set is festive and wintery, without being too obnoxious. Looks incredibly warm and such a great price point!
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Silk Scrunchie Set
When trying to maintain my curls, I like to sleep with my hair in a silk scrunchie! They don't damage your hair, and won't leave any kinks.
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Heart Pajama Shorts
Banana Republic Factory
Another option for those who love sleep shorts, these are so cute and under $20! Also available in leopard print.
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Pajama Shorts Set*
Tommy John
Another pick from Tommy John, I've had my eye on this set for a few months now! *Shirt and shorts are sold separately
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