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Welcome to Monday, friends! Ever since cleaning out my closet (you can read my tips for doing so here), I’ve been adding more quality, staple pieces that I know I’ll get a lot of use out of.

Once upon a time, I would buy a top from Forever 21 and then donate it a few months later because I was “bored” of it. At some point I feel this method becomes unrealistic. It’s a waste of money, and although an inexpensive item catches my eye at first, I always have to ask myself “will I still wear this a year from now”? So, I thought I’d share my recent purchases with you all that will not only transition well from summer to fall, but that will be in my closet (and home!) for the years to come.

I recently shared both this dress and this dress on my IG stories, and they’re both such classic pieces. I’m super happy with both of them, and the quality is great for being under $100.

I’m excited for these jeans because they’re from Abercrombie’s CURVY line, and I find that straight jeans looks better on my figure. If you’re hips are wider than your waist, I highly recommend checking out Abercrombie’s CURVY line. They fit in all the right places without a stubborn waist gap in the back. Plus, they’re amazing quality without breaking the bank.

I have these heeled sandals and I didn’t think I’d wear them as much as I do! The heel height is great for easily jumping from one place to the other, and I personally love the simple look they have. The strap closest to the toes does take a few wears to break in, but for $40, that’s fine by me!

These strappy heels and these ankle boots are in the mail, and I can’t wait to get my hands (and feet!) on them. The darker tones in these heels make for an easy transition from summer to fall, and with the 3″ chunky heel + straps/buckle closure they look as though you could wear them all day.

This collage makes me happy because I see so many mix-and-match options. A quality closet full of staples can take months to build, but I’m excited to be starting with these pieces! What’s your favorite staple item in your closet? I’d love to hear!


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