For someone with a Type A personality, I don’t always handle stressful situations as well as I could. I’m quick to react and don’t love when things don’t go as planned. So 2 months ago when Equilibria reached out to me about their CBD Daily Gummies, I couldn’t say no. I’ve never tried CBD consistently, but for the past 60 days I’ve taking my CBD gummies religiously and am hear to share my findings with you all! Scroll to the bottom for a discount code!

What Is CBD and What Makes Equilibria CBD Different than Other Brands

CBD is a molecule (or compound) from the hemp plant that interacts with our bodies to support balance. I know there are a lot of CBD brands and retailers out there. So what makes Equilibria so special? Besides being created BY women FOR women, Equilibria boasts their hand-harvested full spectrum CBD. All products are vegan, actually infused with CBD as opposed to surface sprayed, made without artificial flavors, and are lab tested.

My CBD Journey

At first, I was taking the suggested serving size of 1 gummy each morning with the rest of my daily supplements. I would feel good for a few hours, aka, not letting certain situations rub me wrong and my mood would be overall upbeat. But then in the afternoon, I’d notice my stress levels rising again and would get annoyed at the smallest of things. This is when I decided to reach out to an Equilibria Dosage Specialist to help me find a personalized dosage routine. This service is FREE to all who are new to Equilibria!

After a few emails and a one-on-one phone call, we decided that taking 2 gummies per day would be best for me. So now, I continue to take 1 gummy every morning and another with my lunch a few hours later. This second serving has really helped with the rest of my afternoon and being slower to react to the stresses life throws my way.

What’s Next

Again, I’ve gone through 2 bottles of my CBD Daily Gummies and have really enjoyed the benefits — more-so now that I’m taking 2 gummies per day. What’s next for my CBD journey? I’m continuing to take the Daily Gummies, and have just ordered the Daily Softgels. With the continued help of my Equilibria Dosage Specialist, we’ve come up with a new routine that involves the Daily Softgels. I’m excited to try them out, and I’ll report back my findings!

I’m loving my CBD journey with Equilibria and will continue to try out more of their products. If you’ve struggled with sleep, discomfort, stress and balance, Equilibria might be worth checking out. You can also use my code, ellenmcafee, for 15% off your purchase!

Have you tried CBD or Equilibria in particular? I’d love to hear your experience! Thanks for reading —

A special thank you to Equilibria for gifting me the CBD Daily Gummies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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