Last week I shared a my new favorite tall-approved denim, and today I’m sharing exactly how I find pants that are long enough for me while shopping online.

If you’ve been around for awhile, you may have seen my guide for online shopping where I briefly talked about what I look for before placing an order. But today, I’m going to break down my process step-by-step so you can feel confident in ordering pants that are long enough, too.

Obviously the fit/fabric/rise are all factors to consider before placing an order, but the one thing you have total control over is locating the inseam. Being 5’9, I find that my perfect length is 28-29″, which hits right above my ankle. Anything shorter than that never works for me. If I’m looking for a floor length jean (which are making a comeback, btw), I look for a 32″ inseam.

When dealing with retailers that don’t have tall-specific sizing, always look for product info, product details, size & fit, etc. to locate the inseam. Here’s an example:

Obviously the inseam of this particular pair is way too short for me, so I move on and keep looking.

When dealing with retailers that have specific tall/long inseams (like Abercrombie), I still suggest finding the exact inseam of each length. This will help in deciding which length works best for what you’re looking for. Take a look below:

Thanks to the info from the above screenshot, I actually have a few options. I could choose the ‘short’ inseam for a cropped fit, or I could go with the ‘long’ inseam if I’m wanting the jean to be floor length.

Tip: Use the model as a point of reference! See how the pant fits on the model and her measurements (which are also usually listed). This will help you visualize where the inseam hits on someone else.

I hope these pointers will help you feel more confident when ordering pants online! For some of my favorite tall-friendly retailers, click here.  If you have any other online shopping tips for us tall gals, share in the comments below. Thanks for reading —

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