We’re 18 days away from Christmas… have you started shopping yet? I must admit I’m slacking, so I gotta kick it into high gear this week so everything arrives on time. Today I curated a gift guide for the parents and in-laws. Lot’s of good stuff, and to be honest, a lot of stuff I want myself. Let’s take a look!

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This list was actually a little tricky to come up with, but I think I came up with quite the variety of ideas for all types of parents out there. Price points are all over the board here, so don’t dismiss anything until you go through it all!

For starters, I think everyone of drinking age should own an electric wine opener. Do away with the old fashion kind – you’re not impressing anyone. I’ve also seen electric tea kettles make quite the entrance lately and think it’d make a great gift for hot tea drinkers!

We love, love, love our air fryer and even though it’s a clunker, we still use it more than our oven.

This looks like a fun game for the whole family, or anyone who just loves trivia. Jeopardy, anyone? I was recently gifted this water bottle and love that you can use the straw function or drink from the spout. 2-in-1! It also comes in a few different ounce sizes, too.

I’m still playing around with our Pura, but so far I think I like it. Who can say no to a cozy blanket? And this mini massage gun is a big hit in our house.

Thanks for reading, and for more gift ideas, click here.

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