– At the Run Disney expo event in Orlando, FL. –

– Completing my first Run Disney event (10k), with my handsome spectator. –

– My favorite Disney princess on my runners medal. –

– The beautifully extravagant Magic Kingdom fireworks show. –

– Walking “around the world” in Disney’s EPCOT. – (outfit details)

Hello! And welcome to this weeks Friday Favorite’s; a series where I round up 5 meaningful things from the week. Today’s post is all about our recent trip to Disney World where I ran my first Run Disney event! I’ve been training for this race (I ran the 10k) since last October and for some reason I was particularly nervous when race day finally came along. Maybe it was the fact I was running alone (most people run Disney races in friend groups), or the 3AM wakeup call, but once I settled into my stride and pumped the tunes through my headphones, I was having a blast. Plus, finishing in EPCOT as the sun was rising was pretty magical!

Running aside, we also spent 4 days between all 4 Disney World parks and my feet were glad to be done by the time we left. Disney parks aren’t for sissy’s, let me tell you! When we had free time, I opened up a Disney Q&A on IG stories and saved everything in a highlight on my IG page. Be sure to check it out if you missed the questions on my stories from last week!

I plan on rounding up a handful of my Disney park fashion staples on the blog next week. Where I once wore dresses and skirts to Disney, I’m now way more relaxed and practical when it comes to 10+ hours of walking around the parks. So I’ll be sharing a few things I always bring with me when we head on a Disney vaca! Stay tuned.

Catching up on a bunch of appointments this week and next, and hoping to get out and enjoy some sunshine. Any fun plans this weekend? I’d love to hear! Have a great weekend —

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