– Being gifted this lovely olive-tone maxi dress from Long Tall Sally. Would be perfect for a summer wedding! – (belt)

– A fun pair of block heels I picked up at Target! I can’t find them online, but check your local stores. –

– Feeling very Kris Jenner-esque in this ensemble! See how I styled this tunic differently in this reel. –

– Finding my favorite affordable candle in-stock and in-store again! Also finally added moss to this planter. –

– Keeping some of my moms Mother’s Day flowers for myself. Shhhh. – (bookshelf decor)

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you all have had a great (and hopefully warm) week. I’ll be in New York when this post goes live, and will be exactly 24-hours away from my half marathon. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, or perhaps you need a refresher, you can read my most recent running update here.

But to reflect back on this past week, I was gifted this beautiful maxi dress along with this funky, cool tunic by Long Tall Sally! They’re both very different and I had such a fun time styling each piece. The ruffle dress can be worn on or off the shoulder, and for a little pizazz I added my own belt. It’s honestly so easy breezy that I would wear it just around the house on a hot summer day!

We’ve had quite the winter weather here in Boise this week and that’s not the energy I was hoping for days away from our trip. Southampton is supposed to be rainy and low 60’s while we’re there, but that doesn’t bother me. However, in addition to physically being able to run this race, I’m praying for mild wind; as wind + running is not a combination I’m a friend of.

We purposely planned this trip with the race within the first few days so we (mainly I) are able to enjoy the rest of the trip stress-free. When we head back into Manhattan, we have a Broadway show booked, as well as a trip to The Met. In between booked events, shopping will take place (multiple times) as well as eating our hearts desires. We don’t have a ton planned this trip, but that’s the way we like it. However, if you have any NYC recs, leave me a comment below! As I’m always inspired by where other’s like to visit.

Thank you for reading, and pray a little prayer for me tomorrow! Much love to those who have already reached out to wish me luck —


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