– Attending out first (and hopefully not the last!) murder mystery party last weekend. –

– Walking by this artwork everyday to make hard days a little brighter. –

– Hiking the famous Boise Table Rock last weekend. –

– Another view from the hike. Direct sun and exercise is good for the soul! –

– Styling this green military jacket from Long Tall Sally. See the reel here! –

Wow! Hello, all! It has been quite awhile since I simply chatted on a Friday Favorite’s post. If I’m being honest, life has been challenging me in more ways than one and my motivation for not only my blog, but most everything else has become more and more difficult. Stemming from my acne journey (it IS getting slightly better!), I just haven’t felt my best since December. And I’m a huge advocate that if you feel good, that translates into all other areas of your life. So these last few months of feeling crappy have negatively impacted my blog, my day job, my marriage, my fitness… my overall well-being is being shaken and it’s quite testing, that’s for sure.

I do feel a slight lift of weight off my shoulders as my skin is slowly clearing up, but some days are still harder than others and I apologize as I know it has affected my blogging and my brand. But since we’re all human, I know you ladies understand that I can’t be “on” 100% of the time, and my mental health always comes first.

Onto happier things, I binged Bridgerton Season 2 last weekend and it still consumes my mind an entire week later. Kanthony is all I think about! I think Season 2 far exceeds Season 1, and the constant passionate tension between Kate and Anthony is all I could ever ask for. I think I’m going to rewatch it because it’s THAT good!

We also recently watched The Tinder Swindler and Bad Vegan on Netflix. I’m a sucker for a good financial scam (Inventing Anna is also a good one), and these documentaries had me sucked in! I will say, though, that it’s hard for me to feel bad for these women… does that make me an awful person? I suppose I can somewhat see how one is whirled into that situation, but as a viewer, it’s hard not to blame the women for doing it to themselves. What do you think?

We’re headed to CA later today and of course, Disneyland is on the itinerary for early next week! As for this weekend, we’ll probably eat, shop, and enjoy some sand between our toes. Thanks for being here and reading along — have a wonderful weekend!

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