– Resetting the house after the holidays; always feels so nice! –

– Trying out my first air purifier in our bedroom. –

– Finally making the guest bedroom presentable. Just need to hang some art! –

– Adding this new coffee table book about NYC to my stack. –

– Loving this girly corner of our dresser. –

You guys… the last time I did a Friday Favorites post was literally June 2023. JUNE. Even though I have full control of what goes on over here, I’m a little embarrassed of my own behavior…

But I’m back and ready to keep these posts up weekly if I can! If you’re new around here or perhaps since it’s been FOREVER since I lasted posted one of these, Friday Favorites is a weekly series where I share 5 things/places/people/events that stood out to me that week via the above photos, then I usually just chat about my week as well. Could be something as simple as a new sweater I’m dying to share, or a fun trip we just took. This is just a way to give you a little glimpse into my life! So, let’s chat.

This week we’ve had a ton of snow and my perspective on it has significantly changed now that I work from home and don’t have to brave the roads. I realize the luxury it is to sip on my coffee in my robe at 8AM, watching the snow fall from my kitchen window while everyone else is driving to work. This whole work-from-home life ceases to amaze me sometimes.

Next week we leave for Scottsdale, AZ for a 5 day getaway and I’m praying we get sunshine and a little warmth. I know it won’t be crazy warm – it never is in January – but hey, it’s better than 14 degrees and snow like we have here. This is a trip we’ve been doing for the past 4 years and it’s fun to routinely go somewhere because it slowly becomes familiar. And I’m definitely a person who loves familiarity.

Let’s see… what else. Oh! Justin got me this bath caddy and bath pillow set for Christmas and I must say, it’s a luxury I never knew I needed. Hot tea, bubble bath, New Girl… what else could I want?

This weekend we’re expecting even MORE snow so we don’t have any big plans. But with a busy travel schedule next week, sometimes a little R&R isn’t so bad. Thanks for reading! See you here next week.

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