– Setting out this bowl of conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day. – (heart bowl is Hobby Lobby)

– Loving all the natural light seeping through our windows; even on freezing days. – (faux plant)

– Trying out some new sports bras from Aerie. – (brown bra, blue bra)

– Impulse buying this mini perfume to try it out. I love that it reminds me of summer. –

– Repotting my orchids. – (mini heart vase, bust vase)

Hello, Friday, and happy February! I’m not a big decorator for Valentine’s Day, but I set out a bowl of conversation heart candies and have been enjoying grabbing a few everyday. I will say that the candy business is up with the times, because the sayings on the hearts are things like: “DM me”, “totes”, “yaaas”. Kind of funny!

This weekend we’re in Palm Desert, CA with some friends to escape the cold. There’s not much on our agenda this weekend besides the boys golfing and I’ll be soaking up the sun rays. Perhaps a few patio cocktails are in order, as well.

If you’ve been around for awhile, I shared months and months ago that my therapist had a baby and was taking an extended maternity leave. Good news, she’s back and I resume my therapy sessions in a couple weeks. The only down side is she’s only doing Telehealth sessions, which I personally prefer in-person sessions. But I’ll take what I can get.

Let’s see.. oh! Yesterday I shared a few recent purchases, but I wanted to share that I just tried these leggings for the first time and think they might surpass lululemon Align’s! I just ordered another color, actually. They also come in tall inseams, too!

Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll have January’s Best Sellers up next week. Take care —

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