– A $20 designer dupe crossbody I’ve been obsessed with lately –

– $14 5-pack of stretchy bracelets; perfect for layering or wearing individually! –

– This overnight mask I snagged during the Sephora sale. Talk about hydrated, glowy skin when you wake up! –

– Being in organization mode, and scoring these stackable plastic drawers for under my bathroom sink –

– The perfectly slimming bodysuit I want to buy in every color –

I had a 5 day weekend and while it was refreshing, I was anxious to go back to work. However, I was able to channel that anxiety into a manifestation for myself! I realized, I don’t want to plan my days around work, I want work to be planned around my days. Instead of dreading the 8 hour work day ahead of me, I choose to look at my day as whole and make sure I’m filling it with things that make me happy; both before and after work. In the end, we’re all ultimately in charge of our attitude, and I can either be a downer Monday-Friday because of work, OR I can bring a positive light into all my hours, of all my days. Life’s too short! (Now… I need to bookmark this post for when I’m feeling triggered!)

On a lighter note, I recently asked you guys on IG stories what show I should watch next. Between Bridgerton and The Office, Bridgerton was the bigger hit. But I have a confession… every time I have a chance to watch some TV, I always go back to Friends. Something about it makes me feel good, and there’s no pressure of “what’s going to happen next”, you know? I know, I know… you’re rolling your eyes at me! One day I’ll branch out… one day…

It took me longer than expected, but I finally went through my closet over the weekend. When I’m in a purging mood… look out! I got rid of so many clothes that either a) don’t bring me happiness anymore b) are old and worn out c) don’t love anymore. I talk about her all the time, but my favorite blogger — Kathleen Barnes from — recently went through her closet and it sparked something inside of me. One of her tips was “don’t buy more hangers, get rid of clothes” and I loved that. You can read my tips for cleaning out your closet here, but I think I’m about due for an updated post!

That’s all for today friends. And for all my tall gals out there, be sure to follow along on IG stories for today’s Tall Fashion Friday picks! Thanks for reading —

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