– Baking holiday treats with my mom, and packing these little gifts the for the girls at work! –

– Getting party favors ready for our extended family Christmas party this weekend. –

– Loving this clean beauty lipstick from Merit. – (shade: baby)

– Swooning over my new Sam Edelman waterproof boots. And they’re on sale!

– Justin and I in Disneyland last weekend. – (see a recap of our trip here!)

This week has been a little stressful for me as I’m preparing to host our first family Christmas party on Saturday. I set such high expectations for myself that I tend to stress myself out over things most people wouldn’t blink an eye at. But I’ve been doing small things everyday this week to prepare and take some of the weight off my shoulders. Like prepping the party favor bags shown above. I’ll share a reel of how I made them after the party!

I still have a few gifts I need to get my people, but then I should be done with Christmas shopping! I’ve been trying to wrap as presents come in, and I think that’s been a big lifesaver and stress-reliever. This is a stupidly easy “hack” (if you will), but this year I made a note on the phone of every person I need to buy gifts for and under each name, a bullet list of what I want to get them. Once I have the gifts in-hand, I check it off. This helps me keep track of what I’ve bought so a) I don’t overbuy and b) remember what I’ve wrapped. Do you have a system to keep track of gifts bought? I’d love to hear!

If you’re still searching for some gifts, you can refer to all my 2022 gift guides thus far here! And I plan on sharing my own gift wish list this weekend, or early next week. Thanks for reading!

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