– Our simple Christmas entry –

– A handmade piece of Disney art for our office –

– A new thermal blow dry spray I’ve been loving –

– Some festive greenery in our spare bathroom –

– A bowl of refreshments/snacks for our delivery men and women –

Can you believe Christmas is one week from today?! I hate to say it, but I’ve never felt less-Christmassy in my entire life. With COVID still being around, it’s definitely put a damper on holiday festivities, and I think that’s why my holiday cheer is so low. However, I’m staying hopeful that as the countdown continues, my cheer-meter will rise! Having the house decorated for the holidays is definitely a mood booster, and something I genuinely look forward to each year.

I will say that I knocked out my Christmas shopping early this year, and that’s felt really good to have done. The wrapping on the other hand… now that’s a chore I’m still finishing. If only every gift could be the perfect rectangle, that would make my life so much easier!

Besides holiday prep, Justin and I have been watching our weekly shows. I hate to admit it, but the McAfee’s are Bachelor/Bachelorette fans and we’ve been blessed with 2 episodes this week and next! We’re down to the final three, people!! I feel like this season has flown by… but I’m already counting down the days until The Bachelor premiere in January. Another one of our favorites that just ended is The Amazing Race. It was my first season watching, and I have to say it’s something I’d never do, but get a kick out of watching those who are much braver than I.

As much as I try to refrain from shopping for myself this time of year, some deals are too good to pass up! I’ve been loving this cheetah print sweater, these leather ankle booties, and I just ordered these kick-flare jeans. For my accessory lovers, I couldn’t resist this headband, and these hoops are the prettiest earrings I’ve ever seen!

This weekend Justin and I are hoping to take a drive or two to check out local Christmas lights. We’re also doing a white elephant gift exchange with my immediate family, and decorating sugar cookies. Is it bad that I want my own white elephant gift that I purchased?? Maybe I’ll end back up with it.. fingers crossed! What are your holiday plans as Christmas approaches? Any traditions worthy of sharing? I’d love to hear! Xx, E

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