– New sunglasses from Mango! –


– Yellow tulips in the house right now. Love having fresh flowers when I can! –


– Our newest addition to the living room; an accent chair! We’ve only ever had a sectional, so having an extra chair for someone to sit is nice. –


– Our hydrangeas are finally in bloom! If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll know we’ve been waiting for these bad boys to bloom; and now they have! Eek! –

body wash

– A new body wash I’ve been trying for the past few weeks. Influenced by Kathleen Barnes, I decided to try this body wash from Necessaire and love it. –

Ah, Friday… we welcome you with open arms! I can’t complain too much though because I had Monday off this week, so technically I had a short work week, which was nice. Justin has been playing a lot of golf lately and I can’t stop re-watching this show. Yes, I’ve seen the entire series before, but I’m hooked and if I’m being honest, it’s what I think about most days. The evening sun coming through the windows, dinner, perhaps a cocktail, and my favorite TV show. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I feel like each week… no, day… is a guessing game when it comes to COVID. Justin and I have had multiple trips cancelled with a weeks notice, and we’re just awaiting the news for 2 upcoming trips we have later this month. Albeit, they’re both in Idaho, but still… we’re not holding our breath. Are you still holding onto your travel plans? Or are you throwing in the towel for this year?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’m incorporating more home stuff into my feed, like my kitchen here and entryway here. I love sharing fashion, but it’s exciting to open up our home to you all! There’s no secret that home decor/furniture costs a pretty penny, so it’s definitely still a work in progress. Bare with me! I’m convinced that even when our home is “complete”, I’ll be on the hunt for what I can tinker with next. Move that vase there, this photo here, that table there, etc. Do you tinker with your home? Or do you leave it alone? I’m afraid I’m a tinker-er.

Thanks for riding this ride with me, as I navigate the online world and open up my platforms to content outside of just fashion! I hope you have a wonderful weekend,


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