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October has come and gone and we’re officially into the winter months (*types while crying*). You’d think living in Idaho my entire life I’d be used to the cold by now, but every year it still catches me by surprise. Having said that, I have built quite the coat collection over the years and I don’t believe in sacrificing warmth for fashion or vis versa — I believe you can have the best of both worlds! So whether you’re a cold weather native, or planning a few trips to see the snow, this post is for you.

I’ve had this coat in black for a few years now and it’s easily my go-to for those frigid days. Made from down feathers, it’s incredibly warm and the long length (below the knee) is a game changer. I will 10000% recommend this duffle coat for anyone spending time in the snow. If you’re just running errands, or going from the car to a restaurant, I would suggest something a little more lightweight, like this one from The North Face.

If you’re looking for a dressier coat, I love this one. It covers the hips and bum, and is so chic! I own this one and it’s like hugging a teddy bear. While a coat doesn’t necessarily have to be fuzzy to be warm, I personally like the feeling of a soft coat/jacket. This fuzzy bomber is also adorable and comes in a ton of different colorways.

A great pair of waterproof boots are a must for the snow/wet weather. These are the rage right now, and often hard to find in-stock. A lot of people love these, but if you’re not a fan of the fur, I love these from Sorel.

To keep warm indoors, you can read my must-have sweaters here!

If you’re a fellow Idahoan, or live somewhere cold(er), I’d love to hear your winter clothing staples. Thanks for reading — XX, E

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